Animal-assisted therapy with American Miniature Horse

If you have won the trust of a horse,

  You have a friend for life.

The use of miniature horses - American Miniature Horse - in therapy and pedagogy is increasingly in demand. The positive therapeutic effect of horses on humans is scientifically proven. Psyche, attention and concentration, social - emotional and cognitive functioning, self - confidence, sensomotorism and the motivation of a person are positively influenced by horses.

Horses teach us to be mindful, to widen our gaze, and to live for the moment. Horses are in many cases the better therapists. They have a very fine sense for the intentions and the psychic constitution of people with whom they come into contact. They always give an honest feedback and enable people to recognize, experience and understand their own impact on their environment.

Horses are e.g. Only if the person is capable of leadership and trustworthiness. People and horses are an ideal team because of their unique abilities. The American Miniature Horse is very sturdy and is used as therapy horse because of its convivial character.

In animal-assisted therapy, minipeds have achieved astounding success, which is due to their humanity.

Animal-assisted therapy

Under the term "animal-assisted therapy", educational, psychological influences are combined with the help of the horse in children, adolescents and adults with various disabilities or disorders. Individual promotion is the focus here, above all, a favorable influence on the behavior and the well-being of those affected.

When dealing with the horse, man is addressed holistically - physically, emotionally, mentally and socially. For animal-assisted therapy, therefore, the building up of a relationship and trust in the horse and therapist is essential.

According to an individual therapy plan, various behaviors and functions can be approached specifically for the disabled:

1. the training of the perceptive power.

2. the awareness of the body and the sensory and motor co-ordination ability.

3. the promotion of self-esteem and self-confidence.

4. the improvement of communication ability, assertiveness and cooperative behavior.

5. the improvement of emotional and social communication.

The animal-assisted therapy is aimed at children, adolescents and adults with various abnormalities and disorders:

Behavioral disorders - Depression - Stress - Stress disorders - Phobias - Fears - Constraints - Excession - Self-worth problems - Conflicts - Separation - Mourning - Mental and learning disabilities - Psychomotor development disorders - Perceptions of dysfunction - Language Disorders - ADHD, autism - Disorders of fine motor therapy.

Our small, lovingly-run animal-sanctuary - Pequeño Rancho Espana - is located in Denia, approximately one hour from Alicante and Valencia.

At the Pequeño Rancho / Espana, the relationship between man and horse is the focus.

"A person needs animals to return to human beings"


The relationship between man and horse provides a wonderful oasis for man to refuel, to come to himself and to develop further. Our small horses work therapeutically in the health sector.

1. Miniature horses reduce stress, promote concentration and give a sense of camaraderie.

2. By stroking the horse, embrace, play, raise a positive feeling for the patient and we can work specifically on his weaknesses.

3. Happiness and heart warmth are the icebreakers in the animal-assisted therapy with American Miniature Hores.

We work according to the principle of animal-assisted therapy and the concept of:

Karina Verougstraete / Belgium.

Miniature horses are used in the care of children and adults with disabilities or with problems. Years of research has shown that children are three times faster in contact with animals than with humans. Children trust and learn to concentrate. Children see animals with fascination and are more open to animals than adults. They trust in an animal, show emotions and trust their deepest secrets to the animal. Miniature horses serve as a bridge-the co-operation between the child and the therapist. It is very satisfying to work with children and horses. Professional and at the same time playful help to solve blockades.

We offer children, young people and adults with disabilities an individual support with well-trained therapy horses.

"I never found love for man, where there was no animal love.

Those who truly respect life also respect the animal,

For life was given to us both by God. "

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For sibling children - Just be me.


- Animal-assisted therapy for children, adolescents and adults.
- Individual and group lessons.
- Adventure education with horses, day holiday offers.
- Game and riding facilities for sibling-free places

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